A Talk with Ustaz Zul Ramli

How refreshing is was to see enthusiastic parents coming to the talk with a genuine desire to share and learn on parenting skills.  On Saturday, April 17 at our branch in Wangsa Maju, we received huge participation from parents. The talk was entitled “ Anak Permata Ayahanda dan Bonda” from our renowned motivation speaker, Ustaz Zul Ramli.  It began at 9am, and we were already spellbound by his unique preaching style and vast experience. Not only that, he has written a book entitled ‘U-Turn ke Jalan Lurus‘. It features examples of life as a wake-up call for the ones who has gone astray.

Ustaz stated that every parents wants to be the best mums and dads they can be. However, throughout the parenting journey, hiccups never ceased to give us hardships. Although one of the major concerns we have today is unruly, disrespected children.  Most of them have been neglected by parents who put their career ambition before family life.Therefore, how can we help our children to maintain their Ad-Din in a secular and materialistic world we now live in?

There is a strong need in giving huge sacrifices but at the same time we should always be blessed to have been given the gift of parenthood. Ustaz always remind us to always relate nature to Allah when communicating with our child.  On discipline, we should make them understand what they did wrong and not waiting for the right time. He also quoted from the Stephen R. Covey, stressing that we must always be proactive in taking responsibility for our lives.  Iman or our faith is one of the most significant element in building a strong family foundation. He laid out 5 criteria in creating parents of excellence;

1. Having our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as our Qudwah, which means to lead by example. Knowingly that Rasulullah’s personality, manners, character are the best examples for Qudwah.

2. Sincere intention. With pure intention leads to good deeds that is important to the world and the Hereafter. It determines whether it is valid or void.

3. Life time learning. Learning with children is such a joy and always learn to prevent ignorance or Jahiliyah.

4. The determination of practicing what is learnt. It is practice that makes you perfect, InsyaAllah.

5. Muhasabah or self-evaluating ourselves.  It is to review what has been done and learn what went wrong that can been carried in a daily basis.

By recharging and always cultivating our faith or  iman as the basis of our life, Ustaz reminded us of having to achieve their full potential of their children, and recognizing the talents their children have.

The fruitful discussion ended around 12 noon, and Ustaz had made it all worthwhile as so many invaluable parenting skills we gain throughout the talk. We really hope that more events similar to this talk can be done by Genius Aulad! Below are some pictures during that day..

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